GEMBIRD Cable tester for RJ-45 and RG-58 cables | NCT-1
1.090,00 L 1.090,00 L 1090.0 ALL
Supported cables:_x000D_ EIA/TIA 568A/568B RJ45 twisted pair cable_x000D_ BNC coaxial (10Base-T) cable_x000D_ 100Base-TX, 1000Base-TX twisted pair cables_x000D_ Token Ring, AT&T 258A, Coaxial cable_x000D_ Battery: 9 V DC (not included)_x000D_ Net wei
GEMBIRD Cable tester for UTP, STP, USB cables | NCT-2
2.690,00 L 2.690,00 L 2690.0 ALL
Tests: USB (A/A), USB (A/B), 100Base-TX, 1000Base-TX, Token Ring, EIA/TIA568A/568B and RJ11/RJ12 modular cables Tests up to 8 signal wires + grounding Battery: 9 V DC (not included)
GEMBIRD Digital network cable tester | NCT-3
10.390,00 L 10.390,00 L 10390.0 ALL
Power supply: 4 x 1.5 V DC AA batteries (not included)_x000D_ Power consumption: up to 16 mA_x000D_ Display: 4 x 16 character LCD screen, 61.6 x 25.2 mm_x000D_ Designed for: STP/UTP twin twisted, coaxial & telephone cable (Signal wires only - does no
GEMBIRD HDMI cable tester | NCT-4
4.290,00 L 4.290,00 L 4290.0 ALL
Power supply: 9 V DC battery (not included)_x000D_ Power consumption: up to 20 mA_x000D_ Display: LEDs for each wire_x000D_ Working ambient temperature: -10 ... + 60°C_x000D_ Tester ports: tester HDMI A master socket, tester remote HDMI A socket; rem