Five ways to make your business printing more sustainable

Sustainability is no longer a business aspiration. Studies have made the case that sustainability should be now considered an essential competitive priority alongside quality, cost, reliability, timeliness, flexibility and innovation.

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Digital transformation and sustainability: The importance of full lifecycle thinking

Sustainability is much more than a by-product of digital transformation – the two concepts are deeply interwoven and genuinely power each other forwards. 

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10 easy ways to help the environment

At Brother we work constantly to reduce our impact on the environment. In fact, we were the first printer manufacturer to receive Blue Angel certification on inkjet devices. A Blue Angel label signifies long service life, low energy usage and minimal environmental impact. As part of our environmental policy we are also committed to helping our customers to do their bit. We all want to be greener, and we’re here to help.

That’s why we’ve come up these top 10 easy environment tips that can help you make a real difference.

1. Recycle your Brother print cartridges

2. Print double sided

3. Only print the pages you need

4. Always use the printer's standby function

5. Buy from companies with eco-friendly policies

6. Recycle your old or broken printer

7. Use newer, more energy efficient machines

8. Print grayscale

9. Consider your print quality settings

10. Use genuine supplies

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Office of the future: Employee experience

The need to imagine this possibility is decreasing day-by-day as technology leads us towards the realisation of an integrated, unconstrained workplace that will free employees across Europe to enrich their lifestyles while working more productively.

Businesses that pioneer technology and in particular its integration, will open up numerous benefits.

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Five things you didn't know you get with Managed Print Services  

For many businesses, installing, maintaining and updating your printers can be a complex task that few people have specialist expertise to undertake. You can understand why smart businesses turn to Managed Print Services (MPS) to simplify printer management and control costs.

MPS is much more than just a simple rent-a-printer solution with the automated monthly ordering of ink and toner bolted on. And, if you think that MPS is only suitable for large businesses, think again: because smaller businesses can now reap the benefits of MPS too.