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Supporting you to deliver the best patient care

Our specialist technology for the healthcare industry makes life easier for your staff, reducing their admin burden and enabling them to provide more face-to-face care to patients. It covers everything from patient ID, prescription   and wristband printing and custom medical labels to digital filing bar code scanners and managed print services for primary healthcare.

In a time of growing budget pressures, the efficiency and effectiveness of our healthcare industry solutions enables you to make savings without making compromises elsewhere.

We have extensive experience in the sector, helping us build a bespoke solution around your needs and ensuring it integrates seamlessly with your current clinical workflows. And we back all of this up with wide-ranging support and warranties of up to three years as standard.

Primary Healthcare Solutions  

There’s more pressure than ever on those working in the primary healthcare sector to perform faster and more efficiently. Yet the average GP is currently spending 11% of their time completing admin tasks – time that would be much better spent seeing and treating patients. GPS across the country are already working to implement print and digitization solutions that help them provide a better standard of care. 

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What is Print/Scan Service for Healthcare?  

Spend time with patients not devices  

Running the day-to-day of a surgery while ensuring impeccable care is the ultimate in multitasking. So, building on our years of experience in primary healthcare, we developed Print Service for Healthcare.

Cut your costs

We understand the challenges surgeries are faced with, balancing operational efficiency and high quality patient care.Print Service for Healthcare is our way of helping with this. It ensures surgeries can easily and quickly order genuine, reliable print supplies with typical savings of up to 20%.

Benefits of Print/Scan Service for Healthcare   

Set price per quarter based on your average print volume 

No restrictions or limits, we review the price annually to meet your consumption 

Most cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of inks and toners

Easy ordering process for the supplies you need, with next business day delivery

Easy to request break fix service if required

We will not check your existing device, we just ask that they are in working order

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Odoo • Image and Text

How it works...  

Print Service for Health is designed to be straightforward and take up as little of your time as possible. To get started, we need a few details about your printers – it’s a quick and simple process. Once we understand your needs, we can give you an accurate estimate of the volume of supplies you’ll require. We then develop a transparent, affordable 36-month service agreement, spreading the cost of your printer supplies into manageable, predictable chunks.

You’ll have access to a simple-to-use online portal which lets you order new supplies as and when you need them at the click of a button. Free next day delivery ensures you get your supplies quickly, so there’s no need to spend money stocking up ‘just in case’. If anything changes – like getting a new printer – just let us know and we can ensure everything is updated according to your needs.   

Secondary Healthcare Solutions

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Ensure patients medical background is accurately handed over to hospital staff. Print patient records en route and hand over to hospital staff on arrival. Scan and automatically save patient records to the hospital's database. Easily create and apply up-to-date labels to patient files.

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Create clear and accurate patient file labels and patient records for archiving. 

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Clinical Care

Easily print clear and easy to read patient ID wristbands.  Quickly and easily save patient records. Scan and automatically save patient records to the hospital's database. Print clear and accurate patient ID wristbands.

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Hospital Ward

Effortlessly manage assets and confidential patient records. Effortlessly create labels for a wide range of hospital equipment. Print clear and accurate patient ID wristbands.

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Hospital Laboratory

Efficiently identify, track and manage patient samples as they’re analyzed. Easily create durable asset labels. Strengthen patient sample identification.

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Prescription printing for both primary and secondary healthcare. Accurately print dispensed medication labels.


    Tailored service proposed

    Agreement signed

    Service begins

    Add/remove devices as required

    Quarterly invoices

    Healthcare Networking

            ✔  Full WiFi coverage and wired connections

            ✔  High security

            ✔  High stability

            ✔  Seamless roaming

            ✔  Easy management

    With the increasing maturity and popularity of wireless LAN technology, the application of wireless LAN in the healthcare industry worldwide has become a trend. WLAN effectively overcomes the drawbacks of wired networks, enabling the use of tablet computers and mobile carts to collect vital signs, patient identification, etc. The TP-Link Omada SDN solution helps hospitals build comprehensive medical information systems and highlight the technical advantages of digital hospitals.

    Solution Benefits

    Full WiFi Coverage

    Ceiling mount, wall plate, and outdoor APs provide high-speed WiFi for all indoor and outdoor places and scenarios.

    Stable Wired Connections

    2.5 G or 1 G Ethernet wired connections are provided for the office computers, medical equipment, front desks, access points, and IP cameras.

    Easy Centralized Management

    Centrally manage your access points, switches, routers, and more, anywhere, anytime—all controlled from a single easy-to-use interface.

    High-Density WiFi Deployment

    Omada WiFi 6 and WiFi 5 APs improve efficiency and ensure top-tier performance for canteens and meeting rooms with high-density clients.

    Flexible Criteria Management

    Use different SSIDs, Access Control, and VLAN binding to identify network user profiles, including staff, visitors and patients, to deploy customized operating criteria.

    Secure Guest Network with Captive Portal

    Provide secure guest WiFi access along with multiple authentication options (SMS/Facebook WiFi/Voucher, etc.).

    Quickly Troubleshoot to Stabilize Your Network

    Remotely and quickly locate network faults and analyze potential network problems with Omada's easy-to-use management interface and AI-Driven technology.

    Protects Your Network from Threats

    Utilize powerful firewalls, device security detection and protection, IP-MAC-Port-VLAN Binding, URL identification and filter, and more

    Seamless Roaming for Uninterrupted Streaming

    Ensure staff, patients, and guests enjoy uninterrupted streaming when moving around by switching clients automatically to the access points with the optimal signal.

    Easy Installation and Deployment

    Easy mount construction; PoE support; and a refined, minimalist appearance allow for easy installation and deployment.