Understanding Managed Print Services

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Why choose our MPS?

It offers comprehensive yet flexible Managed Print Services (MPS), built around the specific needs of your business. At the core of our offering is our “Being part of your solution” support. It means we do everything we can to ensure your business has an effective MPS that benefits your business every day – and we’re on hand to help when you need us. Choosing us for your MPS helps you reduce the cost and complexity of business printing. Leaving the management of your fleet to us frees up your time and staff resources, and having the option to lease equipment helps to eliminate capital expenditure.

What your business gains from MPS?

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Gain greater visibility of printer usage across your business, identify opportunities to optimize your print infrastructure, and regain control of print-related expenditure. Combining award-winning hardware, innovative software features and unbeatable service levels, designed specifically to meet your business needs, MPS puts you back in control of everything from cost to wastage.



As part of your organisation-wide print assessment, we can identify print and Internet Protocol (IP) security risks you may be facing. We’ll then build an MPS that helps to mitigate risks with a tailored security plan. This can include everything from restricting functionality and PIN-protected printing to enterprise-level encryption and workflow solutions. Our devices have a range of integrated security functions designed to combat cybercrime, including SSL encryption – the same technology used in e-commerce to protect bank and credit card details – which protects documents containing sensitive information that are sent across networks to be printed. While your printing is vulnerable, your entire IT environment is vulnerable. By failing to tackle these potential weak spots, your business could be in danger of breaching data privacy and security legislation.

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MPS offers a thorough audit of your current print setup to identify inefficiencies and potential efficiency gains. We design a printing infrastructure that provides the printing volume capacity and printer availability your organisation requires, complemented by streamlined workflow solutions. Automated service and toner alerts ensure you can focus on your day-to-day business safe in the knowledge that we are taking care of your print requirements.


MPS puts you in a great position to reduce your carbon footprint by helping you monitor and improve paper, power, consumables and space wastage. To boost your green credentials even further, we can include consumables collection and recycling as part of the service and in addition, can provide you with a Supplies Recycling Partner certificate detailing how much waste has been diverted from landfill through recycling your empty toner cartridges. In 2015 Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust and Day Lewis returned around 5,000 cartridges. These have been recycled, ensuring they didn’t end up in landfill.

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Our approach to MPS

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01 Assessment Phase:

Designing your perfect Managed Print Services

The Assessment Phase is focused on understanding your business needs and users’ printing habits. The goal of this is to design a sustainable, optimized, customizable solution, which ensures the right printers are in the right place throughout your business. We’ll carry out a rigorous asset audit, assessing user productivity and current printing fleet infrastructure. 

This audit will investigate elements like Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), security requirements and print policies, user productivity and printer utilization, and CSR policies and sustainability goals. Ultimately, we’ll use this to develop a solution specific to your needs that will maximize efficiency and minimize hidden costs, resulting in a more balanced approach.

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02 Transition    Phase:

Putting everything in place

We understand that company-wide IT change can be a minefield for potential issues and introduction of risks. We have developed an exceptional suite of services in our Transition Phase to ensure your switch to MPS is smooth, efficient and free from such risks. 

Using Prince-2 qualified project managers, we cover everything from delivery and installation to configuration and implementation, training staff and providing associated materials. We’ll also safely dispose of your old devices to current legislative regulations, and integrate MPS service desk processes with your own service desk. This results in an extremely well managed project and a smooth operational changeover to your MPS for everybody in your organisation.

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03 Optimization Phase:

Making sure everything works perfectly

Optimization is about ensuring everything is the best it can be. It involves preventative and reactive support from us. As part of our periodic business reviews with you, our ITIL qualified Service Delivery Managers (SDM) review day-to-day operational demands and requirements. 

SLA performance management and strategic developments within your organisation, will be discussed so we can prepare to flex with you. Continually assessing device availability, capacity and utilization with your SDM will establish if your MPS is working as well as it can for you, even as your needs change. This is all part of how we consistently assess your needs and ensure your MPS is as fresh at the end of contract as it was at the beginning.