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Retail transformation is nothing new for you. It just happening much faster and in more ways. You’re still guided by one thing…the customer is always right. And today customer wants to be right, right away. There a lot to do, but you’ve got this…it all very solvable. You know where you want to go…you just need the the right partner. One that leads with decades of experience and a legacy of innovation to help you drive retail strategy and execution at the same time.

Technology Solutions for the Retail Sector

No two retail locations are the same, but we've helped a huge range of retailers to overcome challenges of all shapes and sizes.Retail technology
solutions have been designed to meet a wide range of requirements :

 Printing point of sale material, price tags and shelf edge label

 Sharing information between stores and head office electronics
 Printing on location with customers
 Using space efficiently
 Bar-code scanning & mobile computing
 Operating within strict budgets
 Predicting and preventing downtime and lost business
 Seamless integration with legacy and bespoke systems

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Retail Solutions

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Ensure you have full-control of your inventory, paperwork and facilities.

Quickly print and scan large volumes of dispatch notes and invoices.
Print delivery, goods-in and shelf-edge labels with ease .

Scan and automatically save delivery notes and goods received notes to your business database.
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Back office

Tailored managed print and scan solutions built for the retail environment. Ensure sensitive customer information is kept confidential.

Back office printing and scanning

Secure printing and scanning

Accurate avoiding misfiling          
Confidential information only printed and scanned by authorized staff
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Food labeling

Create labels for stock rotation, food pre-packed for direct sale and menu management.

Easily create labels for allergen content, ingredients, bar codes and expiry date.

Quickly and easily create food labels.

Accurate and easy to read.
Integration  with existing internal systems.
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Shop floor

Ensure your customers can find the perfect product, color, size and price. Save time with labeling and re-labeling products and shelves.

Price remarking

On-demand printing in the aisle      

Exact number of labels are printing     
Reliable WiFi and Bluetooth      connectivity

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Customer service 

Be with your customers whilst providing help and advice. Save time and money by creating your own durable staff and visitor ID badges.

High-quality staff and visitor badges

Quickly and easily  printed, as and when needed

Protected with unique lamination

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Cash desk

Ensure a smooth purchasing experience by minimizing queue times. Effectively manage customer queues at the check-out. 

Manage customer waiting time      expectations  

Flexible, can be on-person or integrated in kiosk

Connectivity compatible with Apple  devices

          Retail Networking

            ✔  Boost online business                                   

            ✔  Full WiFi coverage                                                                 

            ✔  Seamless roaming  

            ✔  High-concurrent  clients

            ✔  Easy management

    With the growing reliance on smartphones for everyday activities, WiFi has the power to play an important role in the shopping experience. When a brick-and-mortar retailer offers free WiFi, this incentivizes customers to extend their visit, providing the opportunities to explore, discover, and make a purchase. A good wireless network cannot only serve the network office system of the mall, but also bring a more comfortable shopping experience to customers. The TP-Link Omada SDN Solution empowers store owners to create a modern and compelling in-store experience for every customer.

       Network Requirements

    •           Provide secure wired and wireless networks to managerial staff of the mall and store owners and staff, and reliable wired networks for 24-hour surveillance in the mall.

    •           Provide high-density wireless connections to thousands of customers.

    •           Seamless WiFi coverage in all areas of the mall, including outdoor areas such as parking lots.

    •           Offer online advertising and promotional contents to increase the opportunity of boosting business.

    •           Elegant appearance to blend with the mall decoration.

    •           Easy centralized network management and convenient equipment maintenance

    Solution Benefits

    Wireless Coverage

    Ceiling mount and outdoor APs provide high-speed and long-range WiFi coverage for all indoor and outdoor places and scenarios.

    Stable Wired Connections

    2.5 G or 1 G Ethernet wired connections are provided for office computers and access points.

    Easy centralized management

    Centrally manage your access points, switches, routers, and more, anywhere, anytime—all controlled from a single easy-to-use interface.

    High Density WiFi Deployment

    Omada WiFi 6 and WiFi 5 APs improve efficiency and ensure top-tier performance for shopping malls, supermarkets, and restaurants with high-density clients.

    Flexible Criteria Management

    See the real-time network status or even track the key data of customers for better business results with an easy-to-use dashboard.

    Secure Network with Authentication

    See the real-time network status or even track the key data of customers for better business results with an easy-to-use dashboard.

    Remotely and Quickly Troubleshoot

    Remotely and quickly locate network faults and analyze potential network problems with Omada's easy-to-use management interface and AI-Driven technology.

    Protects Your Network from Threats

    Utilize powerful firewalls, device security detection and protection, IP-MAC-Port-VLAN Binding, URL identification and filter, and more

    Seamless Roaming

    Ensure customers enjoy uninterrupted streaming when moving around by switching clients automatically to the access points with the optimal signal.

    Easy Installation and Deployment

    Easy mount construction; PoE support; and a refined, minimalist appearance.