Transportation and Logistics Solutions

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In today's world, the demands on transportation and logistics companies are higher than ever. Staff are overextended and under pressure, compliance is complex, and customers expect service and information instantly. Fortunately, we give you unprecedented visibility into every corner of your operation - to make smarter, more informed decisions, and ensure flawless fulfillment.

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Integrate your supply chain, experience dynamic fulfillment and realise transformational gains with best-in-class hardware and software tailored to your needs. From receiving to picking, staging, and loading - you are agile, optimised, compliant, and connected to make impactful decisions based on real-time actionable intelligence.

Warehouse solutions



Increase visibility with suppliers, reconcile packing slips, and quickly sort inbound materials for put-away.


Put-away and Replenishment

Ensure receivables are in the right location for efficient picking, inventory turn analysis, and to eliminate lost sales.


Inventory and Materials Management

Know the current status and location of all assets for greater productivity and cycle count efficiency.


Multi-modal & Voice-directed Picking

Streamline the picking process to increase accuracy and productivity with multi-modal and voice-directed technology.


Packing and Staging

Give your workers a hands-free environment to keep eyes on their task and the line moving.


Cross Docking

Ensure packages and skids are on the right lorry and in the right order for fast and efficient deliveries.



Eliminate manual loading verification processes and increase accuracy and optimisation.


Reverse Logistics

Continuously track assets through the reverse supply chain to receive, assign a resolution and restock to inventory as quickly as possible.


Cold Chain Management

Operate in extreme temperatures with our freezer-compliant solution.

Fleet and Delivery

Nonstop optimization for any operation

Keep drivers on the road and assets moving around the clock to ensure your operations are running smoothly. Dedicated Fleet and Delivery solutions address the specific needs of your business - constant connectivity, proactive management, regulatory compliance, and peerless customer service - so you can deliver on time, every time.

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Fleet and Delivery Solutions


Postal and Courier

Provide your customers with visibility from pick-up to delivery and ensure that the right package gets to the right person at the right time without errors.


Proof of Pick-up and Delivery

Ensure accurate chain of custody handoff during pick-up and delivery with electronic signature capture and mobile receipt capabilities.


Fleet Management

Keep your fleet on the road with proactive maintenance, route optimisation and compliance checks by keeping all your assets and people connected.


Food Safety Supply Chain Solutions

Food Safety Supply Chain Solutions helps you transform your food supply chain from farm to fork for safety, traceability and transparency.

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Yard and Terminal

Put productivity on the fast track 

Streamline workflow and speed up operations by eliminating manual processes that slow down progress. With electronic asset tracking, you will gain the visibility needed to minimize wait times, increase throughput, and reinforce regulations for a safe, secure, efficient and productive yard.

Yard and Terminal Solutions


Asset and Facility Management

Monitor and track the maintenance and location of equipment and assets at all times to proactively keep operations running efficiently.


Staff Communications

Provide your workforce with reliable, rugged voice and data communication devices that increase productivity and promote safe and efficient workflows.


Yard Management

Reduce wait times and increase throughput with real-time locationing to identify, prioritise and keep track of each trailer or container in your yard.